Bryanna CurleyI'm an Oberhasli doe named Wildflower. My owner, Bryanna, takes very good care of me. I'm three years old and still kick'n! My owner milks me twice a day every day except in the winter when I'm pregnant. Last year I had two doe kids. Their names are Tulip and Grapevine. This year I had one buck and one doe. The doe's name is Darla. Bryanna named Darla after her sixth grade teacher ms. Carter because she loves Oberhasli! When I was a baby Bryanna fed me bottles of milk and played with me all the time. Every time my birthday comes, which is February 14th I always get a very special treat. I love it when Bryanna scratches my head and when she does, I smile.

VSDGA will not be able to host the Annual June Show due to a lack of volunteers.
Contact Molly Crum if you would like to help with future activities.

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