2011 butn heads tattoo clinic

Meghan Piatt’s Report on August 2001 Tattoo Clinic:

Serious goat owners tattoo their goats to tell them apart and to prove that they are registered. Young goat owners might wish to tattoo their goats to show them.

Some of the Nuttin' But Kids 4-H club went to Mr. and Mrs. Sides' farm to tattoo some goats a while back. Each member got to do something. I
think the hardest part was holding the goats down. We tattooed about thirty Nigerian Dwarf goats.

The tattoo in the right ear Is the herd code, for example, Wooly Dog Down would be WDD. The tattoo in the left ear is the order in which that
goat was born. For example, the third goat born in 2001 would be P3.

Tattooing goats is hard work. It can be easier if you have several assistants.

To tattoo a goat you must have:
1. The goat’s registration papers (or application for registration)
2. Tattoo pliers
3. Ink
4. Tattoo numbers and letters
5. Alcohol
6. Cotton balls
7. An old outfit

These are the steps you must take to tattoo a goat well:
1. Put the correct letters in the tattoo pliers
2. Swab out the ears with alcohol
3. Apply ink to the letters and to the first ear with an old toothbrush
4. Tattoo time! (Be careful not to tattoo anyone’s fingersi)

There is a really good goat book for kids, it's called Your Goats by Gail Damerow.  It explains a lot.

Be safe around your goat and happy tattooing!

Thanks again to the Sides for letting us use their farm.

2011 butn heads tattoo clinic 1

Janet West

It is with sadness that we share the news of the passing of Janet West on June 13, 2020. Janet was a dairy goat breeder who was active "back in the day" in showing and other club events in Virginia and West Virginia. She will be missed by those who knew her.

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